West Beach Sunset

A short poem to kick off my 2007 poetry postings – a little late, as January is almost over! How the time does fly! Anyway, this short poem was inspired on my last trip to Llandudno (and I am hoping for brighter nights and slightly better weather so I can start my journeyings again soon). The poem is about a sunset I saw on the West shore – was quite spectacular and beautiful, and I watched the cars lined up as people sat there watching the sunset – and although I will never know them in person, I felt a remarkable bond with the people and all the other sentient creatures sprawled across that beach. I got the line “star stuff” from Carl Sagan, who inspired me when I was a kid to be interested in the Cosmos through his TV series, and now I recall, the first episode of that series was actually called “The shores of the cosmic ocean”. It’s very easy to forget that we live in a vast universe, and that the atoms we’re made of were actually forged in the early supernovae of ancient galaxies 🙂

west beach llandudno sunset poetry

West Beach Sunset

Lava from a distant eruption of sunset,
Light flows along flats of burning water
To my wandering feet. These elements
Have been, and are, and will be my being
As I take my form with these curious others
On this beach where we sprang from star stuff.

Gulls scratch cuneiform meanings on a coin
Of sun as it drops to let darkness
Cool and solidify among rocks.
Then gone, its photons linger until
Galaxies spiral like seashells
And we, their offspring, burn and are bright.

10 thoughts on “West Beach Sunset

  1. Hi,

    You have some wonderful poetry here and I have bookmarked your site for a more indepth perusal. I also love your photos of Llandudno. It looks quite windswept, but the lambs like it.

    You may like some of the poetry and photos at my site.


  2. i love your intro. this poem is a delight – especially the second verse that kind of spiralled inwards (and out – is there any difference?) – transience and eternity side by side … “Gulls scratch cuneiform meanings on a coin
    Of sun” … superb imagery!

  3. *bleh* .. i had stealther on so my first attempt to post comment may not have worked *rolls eyes at self*

    i love your intro. this poem is a delight as well. transience and eternity walk side by side. the second verse especially drew me in then scattered me on a spiral of galactic wow-ness.

    “Gulls scratch cuneiform meanings on a coin Of sun” is gorgeous imagery!

  4. Sorry bout that Shell – I have to moderate comments before they appear due to the amount of spam that tries to get through.

    Thanks for your comments (and everyone else’s), much appreciated 🙂

  5. I just love that photo and the “cuneiform” analogy…wonderful stuff…your are a wonderful poet, good friend and jedi master…more more more…or in the words of Pink Floyd..”breathe, breathe in the air…don’t be afraid to care”.

  6. I like your writing “voice” and enjoyed visiting your blog. The photo of sunset reminds me of a photo-rendering I did f Indian Beach here on the Pacific Coast of Oregon. The Photo is in my portfolio, but not on my site yet. Stop by my site sometime at image-verse.com
    Thanks! …Rob

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