This isn’t going to feature in the annals of my best work, but seeing as it was the “writer’s group” exercise that kicked off the writing again, I thought I should put it here. The workings are rusty, but I’m at least having phrases and rhythms pop into my head again, I’ve taken to carrying an Ipaq around with me to jot down lines and hopefully shape poems! I’ve got some in the pipeline now so I hope to post them here. Might be a while before I get up to the level of intensity I used to write with, or maybe less intensity is now the point…

Spring – for want of a better title…

Footsteps of winter stumble into spring;
As trees breathe their dead to life
Insects crawl from dreams of invasion.

A symphony of beaks tunes up
To a metronome of sun and moon
And the year’s new wind conducts.

Stream shatters over still rocks
To splash and catch cold spectrum
As it shifts to kinder colours.

As light lures life from buds
Motes of photons swim still air,
Ignite cold eyes, plough life

Into fields where cricketers wear white
And evergreens pause and wink
As innings change over below them.

Roots fixed and deep still take their
Footsteps through time, pause
Before the sprint into summer.

1 thought on “Spring

  1. I thought this poem was excellent with a lot of unexpected imagery. I liked the second stanza a lot with the sense of an orchestra:
    A symphony of beaks tunes up
    To a metronome of sun and moon
    And the year’s new wind conducts.
    The third stanza is very strong as well as if new life suddenly appears with the natural water images and the concept of Spring as kinder than winter, a sense of warmth and growth.
    I thought the last stanza brought the poem to a nice conclusion with the idea of a “sprint into summer” . Over all you get a sense of spring, of promise of the spirit laughing and tradition blended together. I liked this poem a lot. I think your artistic strenth is with your imagery that is unexpected and sets your poems a part with a very fine eye for detail. Another poem that was a pleasure to read.

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