I was struggling for something to post today, as recent times have not been times of any substantial creative output. So I had a dig through some older poems, and thought most of them might need some reworking before posting here!

In any case, I found this one from the mid 1990’s. It’s a love poem of sorts – but a realistic one I feel, containing the nerves and uncertainties that can prelude a relationship – is it the right person, should I take the plunge, what if it all goes wrong? If I’ve learned anything over the years it’s that nothing’s permanent – including relationships and feelings within them. Maybe the only “constants” are uncertainty and impermanence – but if that’s the nature of things, then it’s perhaps a natural thing, in balance with the weather, the seasons, the tides….


Almost close enough, your voice,
Like the stretch of sea that touches shore
To dwindle and fade to perspective.

Gulls would know in their squawking ignorance
That tide always returns to sand –
To roar and soak and take residence;

Why do I stand here, a wise man with net in hand,
Doubting the inevitable cycle of waters,
Doubting nature – if only because I must be a man,

Unaware of my hand in front of my eyes,
Unsure of the imprint you make in my mind when
Rockpool creatures in their dark would know it?

Then your voice like a bottled message
Rescues me from silence, hits shore, tells me
That tides, low or high, are planned, are perfect.

3 thoughts on “Tides

  1. Wow, I loved that poem. I love how you used the analogy of Tides with love. You should post this poem on my website. I would love to have it. Peace

  2. I really like some of your pieces of poetry, they’re very deep. You seem empathic…

    Check out my website, I feel we’ve something in common.
    Though I’m Italian, I hope my poetry is deep enough to be read by English people…


    (And sorry if I don’t post my real name. I just don’t want my name to be known within the website I posted.)

  3. I like this as as a comment on ‘being’ and the fact that as humans we find that so hard – just to be and accept life, and maybe it’s love, as a joint understanding, that helps us in this. Is it just me that finds the image of a net a bit incongruous – i think i ‘m not getting something here.

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