Promenade Lovers

Had this one in hiding for sometime, thought it was worth an airing…

Promenade Lovers

Tight as whelks that suck on rock,
hands locked like limpets,
they stroll in the wet dark
along the promenade.

Sides touching, flank to flank,
breaths flowing as one breath,
hearts berthing together
as their feet fall into step.

Mingling with the merely single
they sprout one umbrella not two,
a jellyfish cast on the seashore,
exotic – red, white and blue.

In the wet and dark they
twine in togetherness;
tenacious as barnacles they cling,
deep in a snug-as-seashells kiss.

5 thoughts on “Promenade Lovers

  1. I like your poems Rob, but this isn’t your finest work. It seems to ramble on for no reason, this verse in particular “mingling with the merely single” doesn’t make any sense. Anyway I’m not flaming you i like some of your stuff i really do.

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