Promenade Lovers

Had this one in hiding for sometime, thought it was worth an airing…

Promenade Lovers

Tight as whelks that suck on rock,
hands locked like limpets,
they stroll in the wet dark
along the promenade.

Sides touching, flank to flank,
breaths flowing as one breath,
hearts berthing together
as their feet fall into step.

Mingling with the merely single
they sprout one umbrella not two,
a jellyfish cast on the seashore,
exotic – red, white and blue.

In the wet and dark they
twine in togetherness;
tenacious as barnacles they cling,
deep in a snug-as-seashells kiss.

Listen – by Katie G

Seeing as I am busy with lots of things at the moment, I have decided to open up my blog to some very special friends, and will be publishing some of their poems in coming months, as I think they produce some amazing work that deserves whatever little outlet I can offer. I certainly hope to publish some more of my own in due course 🙂

The first guest poet is Katie G, and her beautiful and stirring poem “Listen”…


Caught between the shiny glare of the morning sun
And the nip of autumn catching my hair

My steps take me through this familiar place
Countless times paths have been trod

Unseeing I make my way and back again
A perennial pattern unquestioned

Within the folds of myself there is a rustling
Seeming half smiles drop away

Messages echo into my heart and out again
Written words are the key

No shy glances or long hard stares,
No soft scents or brushing body parts

Words, Words, Words
Turn around in my brain

Short clipped texts, pithy rejoinders
Long supple sentences wafting through
250 miles of sharp thin air,

burrowing through my steely edges
into my hard won dangerous depths.

As the leaves shrivel, surrender and fall
to soften the familiar steps,

So you dry out my useless bracken coat
And hold tight to my scratchy skeleton

Unflinching you deliver kindness
Seeing in my words hidden buds.